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PCA Forum 2010
Приветствую Вас, Гость!

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Russia 2010, May 2-9. XI International Forum on the

Person-Centered Approach “PCA in Time of Transition”



With this letter we officially invite everyone interested in the Person-Centered Approach (PCA) to take part in the XI International PCA Forum, which will be hold in Russia on May 2-9, 2010.

Person-Centered Approach was founded and developed by Carl R. Rogers (1902- 1987), who is known to be one of the most influential psychologists of the XX-th century. Carl Rogers made the approach well-known and accepted all over the world.  The approach has influenced substantially the whole area of psychological practice and helping professions. It has influenced – and continue to influence - the whole culture of humankind, making it more centered on a person.

Forum is an opportunity to share and discuss PCA in different forms and formats – reports, presentations, workshops, encounter groups, community groups, etc. Depth, creativity, inspiration, empathic listening, congruence, unconditional positive regard, sharing and learning – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually - are unalienable characteristics of the Forum atmosphere!

 The coming Forum will be 11-th since 1982 when the first Forum was organized in the presence of Carl Rogers in Mexico by Alberto Segrera. Previous, jubilee 10-th PCA Forum was held in Mallorca in May 2007, organized by Tomeu Barcelo and his wonderful support group.

Carl Rogers visited Russia in 1986. It is hard to express the inspiration the visit produced among Russian professionals! C. Rodgers influenced a lot Russian professionals and psychological practice here. We will be happy to share with all of you what and how we do in Russia in accord with PCA!

PCA is being actively and successfully developed and applied by adherents of the approach to different areas of practice - conflict resolution, politics, psychotherapy and psychological help, business, family relationships, personal growth, etc. Attempts continue to apprehend essence and underlying processes and mechanisms of PCA. We invite all of you to come to Russia and to share with all of us what and how you do in PCA.  

World we live in is changing rapidly and dramatically. Unbelievable growth of technology and productivity of business and growing contrast in life quality in developed states and of the ‘third world’, growth of democracy and  armed suppression of  countries considered “undemocratic”, impressing personal liberation and invasive growth  of stereotypes and prejudices of what and how is “right” and “correct” to live and to aim to, not having similar precedents in the past opportunities for happy and full life and growth of depression, being lost in life, existential crises. The world we live in is complex and becomes more complex. What is the place and role of PCA in the changing world? What can PCA to suggest to people in modern conditions? Does PCA changes and how it changes in the changing world?  We suggest as a concept and metaphor for the XI-th PCA Forum “PCA in Time of Transition”, taking into consideration the changing world and development of PCA.

I and my colleagues are still working on a place for the Forum to be hold. One of possibilities is Moscow. Some of my colleagues in Moscow support the idea to have it in Moscow. Another option is Saint Petersburg, and a wonderful group of colleagues from “Harmony” Institute in Saint Petersburg are expressing their support to organize it there. I also continue to work on third option to have our Forum on a big ship floating from Moscow to Saint Petersburg( or vise versa). The last idea is attractive, but expensive, so I am looking for the possibilities to make it not that expensive. Anyway, we will solve the question of locating of the XI PCA Forum and will inform you of that as soon as possible.

We hope also that you’ll be able not just to discuss and share PCA at the coming Forum, but to  experience Russia, it’s people, nature and culture, our traditions of hospitality, friendship, depth and joyfulness!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the XI International PCA Forum,


Veniamin (Venya) Kolpachnikov


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